About Us

We are all here to help make your next car purchase easy and enjoyable.

We have inside and outside premises to accommodate your comfort, so you can look at your choice of car in any weather conditions.

Visit our dealership in Geelong or give us a call and start your journey towards a new car today!

We're always on hand to listen to your requirements and ensure that your calls are followed up, so you can pick up your used car as soon as possible.

Our Dealership Services

We only sell Quality Used Cars

On top of receiving fantastic customer service, you will have peace of mind that all our cars have been thoroughly inspected by a VACC licensed roadworthy tester. We can also arrange an independent inspection on your behalf (only by a licensed roadworthy tester) to ensure that you drive away happy.

Most cars have already been mechanically inspected and will only need to go back for the final inspection, which is required by law. This should only take between 1 – 2 hours and you will then be presented with a green Roadworthy Certificate, a contract of sale, and proof that the stamp duty and transfers have been completed.

We do PPSR car security checks, such as finance, encumbrances, and state write off (SWO) checks through Vic Roads to avoid any customers ever going through the grief of purchasing a car that cannot be registered.

We do not purchase every car we see, we only buy cars of a very high standard. We also offer help in finding the car of your dreams;

Just give us a call !

We also offer Used Car Finance

We are proud to be able to offer you personal & private on-site finance within our dealership.

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